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Conrad Herwig


"Conrad and the Latin Side band "smoked" at the Freihofer's Jazz Festival in Saratoga, NY this past weekend. Their hip "latin" arrangements of so many classic jazz tunes is a totally original concept and real fun. The audience loved it. Thanks to you, Conrad and the guys for making the gig. I was really happy they were on the festival this year." - Danny Melnick, President, Absolutely Live Entertainment

"Conrad Herwig’s Latin Side All-Stars provided a great kick to the opening night of the 2009 Monterey Jazz Festival. The exciting, innovative arrangements coupled with outstanding musicianship created a meaty, fulfilling set that was well received by all.” - Tim Jackson, General Manager, Monterey Jazz Festival

"Conrad Herwig's ‘Latin Side of Miles’ is an exceptional band whose interpretations of Miles (Davis’) classics are extremely creative and true to the source... and very much En Clave and original." - Willard Jenkins, Jazz writer-broadcaster-presenter & consultant; Artistic Director Beantown & Tri-C Jazz Festivals.

“Imaginative projects like this give double pleasure: We can enjoy the fresh approach while appreciating the elasticity of the original material.” - Steve Futterman

“More than just a fascinating concept (which this group also applied to the music of John Coltrane), Another Kind of Blue (Half Note) employs diverse sources in just the way that Miles himself loved doing -- with creative tension and a profound sense of cool.” – Japan Times

"...the band’s blend of Afro-Cuban rhythm with post-bop harmony and improvisation ranks with the most fiery and compelling music heard over the weekend at the Detroit International Jazz Festival." - Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

"For more than a decade, trombonist Conrad Herwig has created a highly identifiable niche in contemporary jazz with his series of Latin Side CDs..."Robert Dugan